Labiaplasty can be affordable...

By Curtis Wong

as the procedure can be done for less than $2500 if willing to travel. Certainly you do not want to do this to try to save a few hundred dollars as the savings will be eaten up with travel costs and in general, its always nice to stay close t home just in case a problem develops. But when you consider revision policies, that is where huge differences can be appreciated. I certainly want the best outcome for my patients as happy patients beget referrals and the snowball rolls. However, sometimes thing do not go perfectly and a revision could make all the difference in th world to the patient. In my practice, this cost is limited to the cost of a surgical tray (currently $158). The only challenge is the recovery process is still the same as it was for the first procedure (6 weeks) and if the travel costs are extreme. Stewardesses have taken advantage of their ability to travel for little cost and of the revision as well. With costs exceeding $6000 in the big cities, sometimes it can be worth it to visit Redding, CA.