Born on the island of Maui, growing up with the Aloha Spirit, and he attended Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska for both undergraduate studies and medical school. He went on to the University of Kansas – Wichita where he completed a residency in General Surgery. He finished his training at the University of Colorado in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

He immediately moved to Redding, CA in the summer of 1992, taking over the practice of William Shadish, MD. He has flourished in Redding, becoming the most experienced and caring surgeon through the years as he was a founder of Plastic Surgery Associates of Redding where all aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery were provided to the local community. Board certification was received in 1996 and has since been re-certified twice since then.  

In the infancy of genital rejuvenation, an employee approached him about offering this service. Through a symbiotic relationship, Dr. Wong self-educated himself about the procedures being written about and eventually settled on the two most popular and proven techniques… the wedge and trim procedures. In addition, hood work and majora reductions were also learned, producing outcomes that are satisfying to his patients. Since then, he has attended numerous classes and seminars offered by the pioneers of this procedure and incorporated their experience into what he offers to his patients. It has become one of his favorite procedures.

The demographics of Redding and Shasta County did not allow for a large volume of patients seeking these procedures prompting Dr. Wong to establish a fee that makes this affordable for most people, starting at less than $2000 (when compared to $4000-$8000 elsewhere). Critics like to repeat ‘you get what you pay for’ but you will get excellent care for great prices when compared elsewhere. This has allowed Dr. Wong to provide services to patients from San Diego to Vancouver, Canada as well at patients from New York and Florida. Testimonials on www.realself.com will attest to his patient’s satisfaction, as that is his primary goal. Revisions, if desired, will only cost $150. As they say in the Old Milwaukee commercial, ‘it doesn’t get better than that’. The procedure is done in the privacy of the office, under local anesthesia, and takes anywhere from 1-2 hours. If you are from out of town, you will be asked to spend the night to ensure no complications arise before you leave for home. Sutures dissolve but if you are able to come back, he is always happy to see you and this can often be done on weekends to accommodate your schedule.

So this has led to the development of this website… in hopes of spreading the word about this procedure and that it isn’t as much as advertised elsewhere. ‘Trusted and Experienced Care… specializing in you’ is how his practice has been managed. His only goal is for his patients to be satisfied as he has depended on patient referrals throughout his career and he has not had to embrace marketing as you see in larger metropolitan areas. Life is great in Redding!